Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Have Returned

After a break from the blogging world, I have returned.  And unlike Dugout Doug, it didn't take Walt Krueger and the 6th Army to do it.  So hold on to your hats and grab your pants, because I am back ... and mad as hell, and I don't plan to take it anymore!

Exercising The Fifth Amendment Is Not An Admission of Guilt

Like any decent American who values honor, duty and freedom, I too am appalled at the actions of the Internal Revenue Service in its attempt to harass and intimidate freedom-loving Americans because of their views.  The actions of the Internal Revenue Service employees -- whether they were an abuse of bureaucratic hegemony exercised by the bottom feeders of the federal civil service, or were orchestrated acts perpetrated at the behest of senior administration officials -- are frightening, totalitarian, and inexcusable.

But I am also appalled at the calls by some in this country who claim that Lois Lerner should lose her job because she exercised her fifth amendment right ... or worse, that it is a sign that she is guilty.

Au contraire, people.