Thursday, March 29, 2012

Martin Luther King’s Dream Dies at the Hands of Joan Carter Conway

Anyone who knows me knows that I am skeptical of the benefits of an elected school board – partial, hybrid, fully or otherwise.  I might detail that skepticism at a later date, but in sum, my concern is that until the power of the state and Federal departments of education are severely diminished, the impact of such an elected board will generate no light and nothing but heat.  And Joan Carter Conway, Democratic Senator from Baltimore City and a leading catamite in “Soddom on the Severn” proves my  point.

Conway is the chairwoman of the committee in the Soddomite Senate that is voting today (and might have voted by now) on a bill that would provide for a hybrid elected/appointed school board for Baltimore County.  Conway and other members of the committee – backed by the illustrious NAACP – oppose the bill over “diversity concerns”.  Usually, local bills that only affect a single jurisdiction (in this case, Baltimore County) are given very wide latitude in committee votes when they are sponsored and supported by the members of that locality’s jurisdiction in the Soddom on the Severn.

But not this time.

Why?  Because asSoddomite Conway says, “Baltimore County only has one black councilman on the council and based on the population it should have more.”  The blackness of her skin is matched only by the blackness of her soul.  Martin Luther King just rolled over in his grave.  Opposition to this bill is not about providing the very best leadership to the school system for Baltimore County.  Opposition to this bill is based on a Balkanization philosophy that goes beyond ensuring a plurality of perspectives on the Baltimore County school board – perspectives on education, character, economics, politics, and community values.

Joan Carter Conway, backed by her step-n-fetch-it intellectually weak masters in the NAACP, doesn’t believe one iota in the “content of one’s character”.  No, she is only concerned about numbers and color.  The right number of people of the right color.  She obviously finds it inconceivable that people of different races might share similar experiences and values that together might provide the right kind of leadership that the citizens of Baltimore County desire for their school system.

Conway is nothing more than a segregationist of a different color, believing that skin color alone is a determinative quality in the value a citizen would bring to service on the school board.  Such thinking is nothing more than a mirror into the heart of Jim Crow and Plessy v Ferguson. Conway has become that which bonded her people.  She is nothing more than a modern-day D.C. Stephenson, using her power and place to enforce her own disturbing image of race relations.

Martin Luther King’s dream is dead.  And not just because of a murdered youth in Sanford, FL.  Not just because the first black president has turned out to be a Marxist idiot.  But also due to the mindset of a General Assembly leader in Maryland who would measure the quality of men and women by the color of their skin, not the content of their character. 

Congratulations Soddomite Senator.  The folks in Neshoba County would be proud of you.

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