Friday, March 30, 2012

Olbermann Out at Current TV

One of the broadcast industry's most amazingly facile and total assholes is out at Current TV.  Even Al "Manbearpig" Gore could not longer stand Keith Olbermann's incessant whining and bitchiness.  He was the preeminent drama queen of cable, which frankly, says a lot.  Network after network, show after show, channel after channel, the man left nothing but the bitter taste of wormwood in the mouth of everyone he worked for and width.

So long, asshole.  Until the next moron that hires you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Martin Luther King’s Dream Dies at the Hands of Joan Carter Conway

Anyone who knows me knows that I am skeptical of the benefits of an elected school board – partial, hybrid, fully or otherwise.  I might detail that skepticism at a later date, but in sum, my concern is that until the power of the state and Federal departments of education are severely diminished, the impact of such an elected board will generate no light and nothing but heat.  And Joan Carter Conway, Democratic Senator from Baltimore City and a leading catamite in “Soddom on the Severn” proves my  point.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Susan Parker Constructs a Straw Man That Collapses Under the Weight of Illogic

Susan Parker’s editorial in March 28, 2012 edition of The Daily Times is an outstanding illustration of the weakness of commentary writing in the modern marketplace today.  Her editorial ends with a vacuous and illogical statement, “We can't even agree on what the core issues are. How can we possibly resolve them?” based on a faulty statement from the previous paragraph, “For Catholics and their supporters, the issue with health insurance is religious liberty. For nonbelievers, it's truly about fairness --providing for all a basic level of access to lawful health care services.”

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Inexorable Creep of State-Run Health Care

If the Affordable Care Act shall fall before the Supreme Court of the United States, the inexorable creep of State-Run Health Care shall continue unabated here in the State of Maryland.  The recent announcement that St. Joseph's Hospital in Towson will be purchased by the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) is just another "brick in the wall" of statist health care.  By hook or by crook, the fascist, progressive elements of our society will continue their unending march toward the abolition of private health care.

The Tyranny of Government

A fundamental question on the principle at question in case of the Affordable Care Act before the United States Supreme Court is this:  "Is Congress empowered to pass a law that compels the purchase of a product under the authority and powers delegated to the national government as enumerated in the taxing power and the commerce clause in order to address price and cost disparities?"

If the court should decide in the affirmative, a corollary to the question before the court should be, "Can the government compel the commission of sin in order to increase tax revenues under the same powers?"

This question is timely, as the government of the state of Maryland which I shall forever refer to as "Soddom on the Severn" continues to squeeze blood from the stone through the increase of excise and "sin" taxes.  Should the reaction of the people be to diminish their participation in such activities, and thus increased revenues fail to be realized, will government have been granted the power (as opposed to "delegated") by the court to compel such activity?

It is an interesting question that should be pondered.  Already, we have seen the Affordable Care Act used to compel conscience violations in the realm of insurance coverage.  Where will that power stop?